A Christmas Carol | 2014

A Christmas Carol

Woodstock Opera Houses A Christmas Carol Exudes Holiday Spirit
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Frederick Dickens/Nephew Fred/Young Scrooge – Andrew Conrad
Woman #1/Fezziwig Party Guest – Amy Bernardi Connell
Mrs. Roth/Older Belle – Heather Boyd
Ebenezer Scrooge – Steve Connell
Bob Cratchit – Michael Moylan
1st Portly Gent/John/Ghost of Christmas Present – David Freise
2nd Portly Gent/ Mr. Fezziwig – Paul Lockwood
Jacob Marley/Old Joe the Pawnbroker – Kevin Pollack
Ghost of Christmas Past/Charwoman – April Noel
Fan – Savannah Slusser
Dick Wilkins/Topper/Undertaker – Logan Silva
Mrs. Fezziwi/Mrs. Dilber – Teresa Walsh
Belle Fezziwig/Claire – Riley Coduto
Grace Fezziwig/Guest – Anna Skala
Ann Fezziwig/Maid – Emma Doerr
Father/Baker/Mr. Roth/Fezziwig Party Guest – Rob Cunningham
Mrs. Cratchit – Lisa Czarny-Hyrkas
Agatha Cratchit – Eliza Goers
David Cratchit/Boy Scrooge – Will Cunningham
Peter Cratchit/Older Boy Scrooge – Gavin Bishop
Martha Cratchit – Molly Freeman
Belinda Cratchit – Samantha Parrish
Tiny Tim Cratchit – Trevor Hyrkas
Jane, Party Guest – Jenna Boyd
Ghost of Christmas Future – Joey Brown
Urchins and Carolers – Mary Doerr, Allison Goers, Jordyn Knox, Olivia Mellinger, Caleb Monge, Raina Thiegs, Breanne Walker

Production Staff

Artistic Director – Timothy R. Curtis
Choreographer – Beth Davis
Stage Manager – Kathie Comella
Production Coordinator s – Beth Davis & Teresa Walsh
Technical Coordinator – Elaine Riner
Lighting Designer – Jen Prise
Properties Technician – Mary Beth Brown
Costumes – Fantasy Festival Costume/Magic Centre
Set Construction Foreman – Kevin Brown
Hair & Makeup Designer – Zymonas
Specialty Makeup – Kathie Comella
Light Board Technician – Greg “Norm” Boyd
Sound Board Technician – Zack Zeinz