Into The Woods | 2016

NW Herald Review: ITW a good mix of comedy, drama, whimsy!


Narrator – Weston Anderson
Cinderella – Katie Kallaus
Jack – Daniel Marable
Jack’s Mother – Lisa Czarny-Hyrkas
Baker – Colin May
Baker’s Wife – Jillian Mayer
Cinderella’s Stepmother/Cinderella’s Mother – Tracey Lanman
Florinda – Savannah Thomas
Lucinda – Bridget Elmer
Little Red Riding Hood – Tori Whaples
The Witch – Jenny Bakakos
Mysterious Man – Paul Lockwood
Rapunzel – Jane Charlotte
Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf – William Roberts
Rapunzel’s Prince – Colin Bokowy
Steward/Granny – Jim Lundstrom

Production Team