It’s a Wonderful Life: The Radio Play | 2017


George Bailey – Matt Schufreider

Sally Applewhite (Older Mary) – Heidi Allen

Young Mary – Grace Schulz

Freddie Filmore – Alex Fayer

Lana Sherwood – April Noel

Joseph (Superintendent of Angels – Barry Norton

Alice Jane Kenworthy – Dawn Gerth

Harry “Jazzbo” Heywood – Travis Greuel 

Stage Manager – Austin Elliot

Oliver Reese Johnson – Christopher Connell

Clarence (George’s Guardian Angel) – Tim Curtis

Henry F. Potter – Bob Wilbrandt

Foley Artist – Alan Williams

Janie (George’s Daughter ) – Mary Martin

Pete (George’s Son) – Zach Blalock

Tommy (George’s Son) – William Madigan

Zuzu (George’s Daughter) – Lia Hyrkas 

Clarinda Sisters: Betsy Cosgray, Karen Greuel, Janaan Rose, Suzanne Stalker

Production Staff

Director – Regina Belt-Daniels


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