Spamalot | 2018

"WMTC's Spamalot Exceeds Expectations" - NW Herald Review


Arthur - Gordon Wisiewski

Lady of the Lake - Elizabeth Zimmerman

Patsy - Alex Fayer

Sir Robin - Daren Walsh

Sir Lancelot - Gary Mackowiak

Sir Galahad - Matt Stewart

Sir Bedevere - Brendan Gaughan

Fred/Herbert - Thomas John Neumann

Historian/French Taunter/Father/Ensemble - Matthew J Leptich

Mrs. Galahad/Ensemble - Lynn Ellen

Laker Girl/Ensemble - Heidi Zapp

Laker Girl/French Guard/Ensemble - Grace Polly Schulz

Laker Girl/Ensemble - Jessie Pohlman

Laker Girl/Ensemble/Dance Captain - Lara Bell

Laker Girl/Ensemble/NI Knight - April Noel

Laker Girl/Ensemble/Tim - Shannon Lee Day

Mayor/Ensemble - Geoffrey Lindow

Minstrel/Ensemble - Charlie Sommers

Black Knight/Ensemble - Chris Griffin

Sir Bors/Ensemble - Jeffrey DuBois

French Guard/Ensemble - Spencer Stanley

French Guard/Ensemble - Liam Bell

Production Team

Director - Kathie Comella

Music Director - Kenzie Parry

Choreographer - Maggie McCord

Technical Coordinator - Elaine Riner

Scenic Designer/Artist - Barry Norton

Costume Designer - Teagan Anderson


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