Whereas, the following individuals have exhibited extraordinary efforts going beyond what was called for and contributing unselfishly to the success of a WMTC production; therefore let it be known that,
“They Gotta Have Heart.”


  • Spring 2015-Deb Spitzbart “Oliver!”
  • Holiday 2014-Joey Brown “A Christmas Carol”
  • Fall 2014-Brendan Gaughan “Little Shop of Horrors”
  • Spring 2014-Barb Neely “Annie”
  • Spring 2014-Thomas Cynor “Annie”
  • Holiday 2013-April Noel” A Christmas Carol”
  • Fall 2013-Carrie MacDonald “Shout! The Mod Musical”
  • Spring 2013-Karen Jorgensen “Fox on the Fairway”
  • Holiday 2012-Hannah Johnson “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”
  • Fall 2012-Joel Bennett “Crazy for You”
  • Spring 2012-Teresa Freeman “Annie Get Your Gun”
  • Holiday 2011-Nora Brown “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”
  • Fall 2011-Barry R. Norton “Always…Patsy Cline”
  • Spring 2011-Mary Wood “Guys and Dolls”
  • Holiday 2010-Kevin Goss “A Christmas Story”
  • Fall 2010-Susanne Powell “Love, Sex, and the I.R.S.”
  • Spring 2010-Maggie McCord “Oklahoma!”


  • Holiday 2009-Chuck Rutherford “A Christmas Carol”
  • Fall 2009-Frank Gaughan “Breaking Legs”
  • Spring 2009-Jim Pierce “Barefoot in the Park”
  • Holiday 2008-Mary Beth Brown “A Christmas Carol”
  • Fall 2008-Kevin Wiczer “Dames at Sea”
  • Spring 2008-Gloria Peetz “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”
  • Holiday 2007-Christopher Connell “A Christmas Carol”
  • Fall 2007-Jeff Cook “Lend Me a Tenor”
  • Spring 2007-Tom Tipton “Pump Boys and Dinettes”
  • Winter 2007-Kathleen Sedlock “The Sunshine Boys”
  • Holiday 2006-Chris Kelecius “Nuncrackers”
  • Fall 2006-Maryann Bennett “Annie Warbucks”
  • Spring 2006-Jennifer Ericksen “Sweet Charity”
  • Winter 2006-Paul Lockwood “No Sex Please, We’re British”
  • Holiday 2005-Tim Curtis “A Christmas Story”
  • Fall 2005-Betsy Stemple “Kiss Me Kate”
  • Spring 2005-Lisa Czarny-Hyrkas “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”
  • Winter 2005-Ned O’Reilly “Much Ado About Nothing”
  • Holiday 2004-Bob Baker “A Christmas Story”
  • Fall 2004-Kathy Bruhnke & Trudie Dreyer “Footloose”
  • Spring 2004-Michael Perry “HMS Pinafore”
  • Winter 2004-David Comella “Noises Off”
  • Holiday 2003-Kevin O’Connor “Miracle on 31st Street”
  • Fall 2003-Gigi Carlson “Chicago”
  • Spring 2003-Adrian Lloyd “Fiddler on the Roof”
  • Winter 2003-Regina Belt “Moon Over Buffalo”
  • Holiday 2002-Sandy Rutherford “A Christmas Carol”
  • Fall 2002-Seleta Varga “Jekyl and Hyde: The Musical”
  • Spring 2002-Rob Scharlow “Man of La Mancha”
  • Winter 2002-Patty Boyd “The Odd Couple : Female Version”
  • Holiday 2001-Bob Reed “A Christmas Carol”
  • Fall 2001-Joey Zymonas “Grease”
  • Spring 2001-Sheryl Strain “Cinderella”
  • Winter 2001-Laurie Faith Gibson “Brigadoon”
  • Holiday 2000-The Orzech Family “A Christmas Carol”
  • Fall 2000-Yvonne Alton “Rumors”
  • Spring 2000-Mark Mahallak “The Mikado”
  • Winter 2000-Linda Kay Williams “Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?”


  • Holiday 1999-Mary Lewis “A Christmas Carol”
  • Fall 1999-Stephan Panek “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”
  • Spring 1999-Justin Gagnon “La Cage Aux Folles”
  • Winter 1999-Darrin Pufall “Nunsense II”
  • Holiday 1998-Steve Plank “A Christmas Carol”
  • Fall 1998-Darren Strong “Wizard of Oz”
  • Spring 1998-Caroline Sheffield “Jesus Christ Superstar”
  • Winter 1998-Sharon McFarlin “A Grand Night for Singing”
  • Holiday 1997-Deb Carpenter “A Christmas Carol”
  • Fall 1997-Barb Klein “Damn Yankees”
  • Spring 1997-Jerry Haseman “Pirates of Penzance”
  • Winter 1997-Chris Popp “Pump Boys and Dinettes”
  • Holiday 1996-Chris O’Reilly “A Christmas Carol”
  • Fall 1996-Tom Landeros “Crazy for You”
  • Spring 1996-Stacy Heuvelman “A Chorus Line”
  • Winter 1996-Greg “Norm” Boyd “A Little Night Music”
  • Holiday 1995-Rae Pfundt “A Christmas Carol”
  • Fall 1995-Kyle McCoy “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”
  • Spring 1995-Mary Adelphia “My Fair Lady”
  • Winter 1995-Kent Wilson “Something’s Afoot”
  • Holiday 1994-Bob Riner “A Christmas Carol”
  • Fall 1994-Anita Tebo “Oliver”
  • Spring 1994-Larry Schubert “Anything Goes”
  • Winter 1994-Bob Wilbrandt “The Fantasticks”
  • Holiday 1993-Jeff McFarlin “A Christmas Carol”
  • Fall 1993-Brian Sager “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”
  • Spring 1993-Debra Anderson “Sweeney Todd”
  • Winter 1993-Kay Stalker “Nunsense”
  • Fall 1992-Janie Czarny “Annie”
  • Spring 1992-David Lindquist “Guys and Dolls”
  • Winter 1992-Deb Swinford “Little Shop of Horrors”
  • Fall 1991-Elise Dawson “The Music Man”
  • Spring 1991-Letitia Lyon “Once Upon a Mattress”
  • Winter 1991-Darin Walsh “Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?”
  • Fall 1990-Jim Meisel “Hello Dolly”
  • Spring 1990-Gloria Carr “1776”
  • Winter 1990-Rick Wiedemann “Side-by-Side by Sondheim”


  • Fall 1989-Cathy Campbell “42nd Street”
  • Spring 1989-Catherine Carroll “Cinderella”
  • Winter 1989-Beth Marie Davis “Cole”
  • Fall 1988-Dorell & Gary Koon “Oklahoma!”
  • Spring 1988-Virginia Zymonas “Sweet Charity”
  • Fall 1987-Eric Svejcar “Bye Bye Birdie”
  • Spring 1987-Lani Donoho “South Pacific”
  • Fall 1986-Pam Novak “Little Me”
  • Spring 1986-Lois Hess “Mame”
  • Winter 1986-Lou Czarny “Say Goodnight Gracie”
  • Fall 1985-Sharon Harrison, Bob Dapper & Ray Jensen “Sound of Music”
  • Spring 1985-Robin Erwin “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”
  • Winter 1985-Rick Amundsen “Deathtrap”
  • Fall 1984-Sharon Harrison “Man of La Mancha”
  • Spring 1984-Bob Carr “Carousel”
  • Winter 1984-Entire Cast & Crew “Night Watch”
  • Fall 1983-Elaine Bottari “Cabaret”
  • Spring 1983-Wayne Enger “Godspell”
  • Winter 1983-Barbara Marrs “7 Keys to Baldpate”
  • Fall 1982-Kathie Comella “Oliver”
  • Spring 1982-Sue Parks “Applause”
  • Fall 1981-Tom Rapach “Company”
  • Spring 1981-Kathy Callahan “Grease”
  • Fall 1980-Dave Mullin “Fiddler on the Roof”
  • Spring 1980-Charlaine Tiffany “Lil Abner”
  • Fall 1979-Dick Austin “Damn Yankees”

Golden Heart Awards

2014 – Lou Czarny
2005 – Virginia Zymonas
2004 – Brian Sager
2003 – Beth Davis
2001 – Janie Czarny & Elaine Riner
1998 – Kathie Comella

Rising Star Awards

2013-2014 – Lauren Katherine
2012-2013 – Jonathan Sara and Sumerlyn Bankel
2004-2005 – Steve Ramirez

Encore Awards

The Woodstock Musical Theatre Company is proud to acknowledge these company members with the ENCORE AWARD in recognition of their years of service and significant contribution to the success of the company’s theatrical seasons.

2014-2015 Season – Barry R. Norton

2013-2014 Season – Teresa Walsh

2005-2006 Season – Jim Clouse

2004-2005 Season – Kent Wilson

2003-2004 Season – Sharon McFarlin

2002-2003 Season – Laurie Faith Gibson

2001-2002 Season – Brian Sager

2000-2001 Season – Beth Davis Johnson

1999-2000 Season – Janie Czarny

1998-1999 Season – Virginia Zymonas

1997-1998 Season – Lou Czarny

1996-1997 Season – George Richardson

1995-1996 Season – Kathie Comella

1994-1995 Season – Elaine Riner

1993-1994 Season – Tom Landeros

1992-1993 Season – Rick Amundsen